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When Is Exterior House Painting Season Over in San Diego CA? Ask the best exterior painters in California when they say the season is over.
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When Is the Season for Exterior House Painting in San Diego Over?

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When Is the Season for Exterior House Painting in San Diego Over?

As we sit and simmer in the midsummer sun we need to remember that fall is approaching and winter will be here soon after. With milder weather coming, it’s a race against nature if you want residential painting contractors to work on your San Diego CA home. You might be curious when it’s too late to have exterior painters show up and get to work.

When Do Exterior Painters Stop in San Diego CA?

Painters in the San Diego area stop when it gets too cold for painting. Admittedly, this answer might sound like it’s too blunt, but it’s also the actual truth. It’s simply impossible to know the specific date in every calendar year when the temperatures first drop this low, especially since San Diego winters tend to be cool and wet rather than freezing cold.

Paint in a bucket can’t go through cycles of freezing and thawing and stay stable enough to be an effective coat for your home. As temperatures go down, the physical chemistry of paint products begins changing. Paint gets harder to apply and cover well, so your home might wind up with uneven coats.

Curing can be another complication, and paints are made to cure in particular temperature ranges. If painting is done below or above these ranges, then the paint won’t cure properly and the entire coating can fail. Many paint manufacturers suggest painting should be avoided when temperatures are below freezing.

Surface temperatures are just as crucial as air temperatures. The air around your home might be in the 40-degree range, but colder nights might plummet wall surfaces to under 35 degrees. These conditions mean you should probably wait until spring to have your home painted by anyone.

The actual end of the painting season is fluid and varies from one year to the next. Warmer winters do mean longer painting seasons, and that gives you more time later in the year for a project. Exterior painting season usually runs through the end of November, but it can easily continue into December in certain years.

Isn’t There Cold Weather Paint Available?

Special paint designed for cold weather is available, and it’s not overly expensive either. Many of these paints are resistant to moisture and have protection from mildew or mold, as you would expect with most protective paint coatings. Then again, durability might be a concern. If you want your new paint job to last for more years, consider waiting for spring.

Exterior painting professionals in San Diego can certainly quote your projects during the winter, so always know that free estimates are available. Communication is critical, and they can best tell you when their season is over. Just keep in mind that even if temperatures are still warm enough, they might not have availability for your project when the warm-air window is still open.

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