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What Paint Colors Should You Avoid When Painting Your Home in San Diego? Ask the Interior Painting Experts at Extreme Painting!
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Paint Colors to Avoid When Painting Your Home in San Diego

Paint Colors to Avoid When Painting Your Home in San Diego

The paint choice in a room sets the mood, tone, and vibe of the space, and you must select a color that suits it. Some color choices are no-no’s for the entire house, and some work fine in select rooms. What paint colors are not welcome in a San Diego CA home? Expert painting contractors will advise you to avoid these colors.


When you see red on the street, it is associated with stop signs, streetlights, and warnings. When you bring red into the house, you invite potentially intense feelings of stress, anger, and danger. That color is off-putting in serene rooms like the bedroom, spa bathrooms, and living room.

Red is a vivid, bold color that channels energy and brightness for neutral or dark rooms. However, it is more effective when there’s less of it. An accent wall, decor accessories, furniture, and an interior door are examples of using red to its advantage. Dashes of red are acceptable in every room but the bedroom. Even a drop of the color’s vibrancy is off-putting because it clashes with the bedroom’s serenity.


Interior painters view white as the quintessential default wall color. However, there are two things wrong with white. One is that white walls show signs of dirt. Two, the white shade chosen can make a room look dirty when it’s not.

The color white is not a terrific choice for the bathroom, kitchen, or a child’s playroom. They are the messiest rooms in the house. Adding white walls makes it more challenging to keep those rooms spotless.

Additionally, most white shades are colors mixed with white. Even when they are spotless, those hues make the walls dingy and messy. Off-white and yellow-white are shades that shouldn’t be on any wall. If you choose white, pick a pure white shade.


Unless painting contractors are painting a girl’s room, pink is a rare color on interior walls. Why? It is too overpowering and distracting. No room works well with pink walls. However, it is welcome as a pop of color in decor accessories.

Pink is a turnoff with real estate agents and buyers; the color is not age appropriate. A pink room is a preference, but most people avoid the bright color. You might have to repaint the room before putting it on the market.


Painting contractors prefer yellow as an accent wall, bedding, furniture, or home decor accessory more than a wall color. Yellow walls are intensely bright to the point of distraction, annoyance, and overwhelm, no matter the shade. Avoid yellow in the bedroom, child’s room, and baby nursery. These rooms are calm and relaxing, and a yellow color is too energetic and exciting to be there.

The living room and kitchen are other rooms that don’t need yellow on the walls. They are entertaining areas to mingle with friends and family. That atmosphere should be relaxing, and yellow does the opposite.


Interior painters know there are many shades of green. There are green-yellow, green-gray, green-blue, and green-white types, which may not describe how vast green is. It’s challenging to pick the right green hue for the room. The wrong green shade on the wall will be disastrous.

No room needs lime, pastel, or neon green walls because they are too overpowering and distracting. Conversely, dark green colors may be depressing and cold. Green is a good wall color, but you must work with professional interior painting contractors in San Diego to choose a shade suitable for you and the room.


Like green, brown is a tricky color to get right. Dark brown colors make the room small. Lighter shades make a room look dirty. To be safe, do not paint the walls brown in a bedroom.

The shade to choose instead of brown is beige. It has a familiar brown feel with that white mix to avoid a dirty appearance. Still, if the brown color is the one you want, use it as an accent wall, bedding, or decor accessory. Wood furniture and doors are other ways to use brown positively.

Discussing the best color for each room is crucial. The interior painters at Extreme Painting will help you choose paint colors that match the space and your personality. With the correct type of paint base, they can use the most effective methods to paint different wall types quickly and professionally. Contact Extreme Painting in San Diego CA to discuss updating your home’s interior colors.