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Cabinet Painting San Diego

Looking for San Diego CA Cabinet Painters Near Me?

Cabinets and countertops are two key elements that give a kitchen a unique look. When you change the look of them, it can completely alter the theme or feel of the kitchen. If it is time to refresh your kitchen with a new style, one way to enjoy new-looking cabinets without replacing them is with professional cabinet painting. Extreme Painting can repaint various types of cabinets, and our team can improve cabinets in bathrooms, laundry rooms and other rooms. We have been serving this area of SoCal for over 8 years and welcome the chance to meet your cabinet painting needs.

A New Look for Much Less

Whenever people plan home renovation projects, cabinets are often the first priority in a kitchen project. The cost to replace cabinets today can be well over $10,000 if you want quality products. Alternately, the cost of having the cabinets professionally repainted can be half or less than half the price of new cabinets.

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Why Cabinet Painting Is a Great Option

Some people also consider cabinet refacing. However, that is a tedious process that can also be costly and take a considerable amount of time. Procuring supplies can add to that time. A cabinet painting project is much quicker. Our professionals already have all the top equipment in the industry, and we can quickly source the right type of high-quality paint for your cabinet’s construction material. Preparing cabinet surfaces to be painted is not a process that is lengthy. We quickly finish everything from prep to painting and cleanup without sacrificing quality workmanship.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Paint

In addition to our other residential painting services we offer, we provide color consultations. Our kitchen cabinet painters have helped many happy customers find exactly the paint colors they want. If you have a specific idea you like from a magazine or blog, we will be happy to look at it and duplicate the color scheme. Some people want help in the form of color suggestions, and we can assist even if you do not know which colors may work in your kitchen. Our team goes over your goals and discusses various color schemes, complementary colors, tints, shades and much more.

Quality Service and Products

In addition to providing excellent workmanship, we use quality paint products. We also strive to keep up our reputation for superb customer service. Good communication is important to us, and we know that quality suffers at every level without it. Rest assured that we will listen to you, understand your needs and provide a result you will love. Our company takes a customer-centered approach in everything we do. To back up our commitment to you, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty lasting two years on cabinet paint.

Friendly Professionals You Can Trust in Your Home

In nearly every culture, going into someone’s home is an honor. We believe that it is an honor to be trusted in someone’s home even if we are there to work. Since we value your trust in us, we make sure that our kitchen cabinet painters are trustworthy. Our policy is to conduct a background check before offering employment. While some companies send subcontractors they barely know, our painters are employees we know well and have fully vetted.

Our company has a code of conduct, safety procedures and other training requirements for painters. We want you to love your home even more when we are done, which is why our painters are good people who care about you, your home, your safety and your satisfaction.

Simplifying Your Painting Project

Kitchen renovations can become stressful without the right support and planning. Perhaps even the idea of renovation work seems exhausting. The good news is that professional services actually offer you a better long-term value. With professional preparation and the industry’s top-quality paint, the finish is more likely to last longer. This means less maintenance work for you.

Also, professionals use the right type of paint finish to maximize protective attributes that make the paint functional in preserving the cabinet material. We finish our cabinet repainting jobs without exceeding the cost estimate and before the projected completion deadline.

Cabinet Painting Company in San Diego

When people take on the project of refinishing or repainting cabinets themselves, they may find bad information online for DIY instructions. This is a common problem that leads to cabinet damage, improper preparation or selecting the wrong type of paint. Spending extra money and time to fix issues or ultimately hire professionals makes the project unnecessarily costly. Working with professionals from the start is the key to a satisfactory result without any hassles for you.

Get a Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Estimate in San Diego CA

Whether you want kitchen cabinets or cabinets in another room painted, Extreme Painting is happy to do all the hard work for you. We respect your home and family, and we do everything we can to not bother you or create disruptions. Also, we are careful to minimize safety hazards and communicate the project plan with you ahead of time. Our team is here to work with you on color choices, scheduling and everything else. If you are ready to schedule your cabinet painting project in San Diego CA, please call us today for a free estimate.



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