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Committed to quality. Exploring the beauty in the details.

Passionately Offering the Best Painting Service

We are a professional residential and commercial painting company who reliably delivers the highest level of quality and guarantees your satisfaction with our work. We are perfectionists and we want it right, every time! We aspire to be our best as a company, a team, and members of the community.

We are based in San Diego, California. Our many years of experiences speak for us – we’ve been serving our clients since 2010. We summarize these years as excellence balanced with expertise! Our company serves different areas of Southern California: from Beverly Hills to San Ysidro. Are you interested in learning more about our unique style of service? Contact us today for a free estimate and professional color consultation for all your painting needs. 

Values We Stand For

Excellence. Care. Trust.

We work with homeowners, property managers, homeowners’ associations, and communities across Southern California to restore, revitalize, and enhance their properties with outstanding quality painting services. Our clients choose us because we nurture close and long-lasting connections with them. We are determined to deliver our services on-time. We creatively overcome obstacles that may appear along the way and we are flexible to accommodate unexpected demands. We respect the promises that we make – to our employees and to our clients.

Partner with our company on your next residential or commercial painting project for a personalized experience and incredible results. 

We proudly stand for:

  • Creating beauty in the details
  • Showing passion for what we do
  • Being ready to step in and help others when needed
  • Hard work and determination
  • Stamina and focus
  • Nurturing deep connections with clients
  • Building trust
  • Exceeding expectations by going the extra mile

Community Service

We are involved and committed to serving the communities around us. We love San Diego, and that’s why we give back by helping immigrant communities in San Diego by sponsoring the Yalla organization which is a partner of the Live Well San Diego Project. Read more about Yalla.



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Schedule Your Free Estimate and Color Consultation Today

Covid-19 Update:

We’re open! In addition to following social distancing protocols for in person estimates, we are providing virtual estimates. For more information, please call us at 619-988-2429 or book your estimate online.

You can schedule a free estimate using our calendar tool here!


Let’s make it real!

Want to learn more about how Extreme Painting can make your design dreams a reality?
Contact us today!
964 5th Avenue, Suite 412
San Diego, CA 92101

Email: services@extremepaintinginc.com

Phone: 619-988-2429